Garden Center Marketing Solutions

WebsiteOnline - Our redesigned, mobile-friendly website gets you in front of decision makers every day. Options include run of site advertising, home page takeover ads, lightbox ads, and category linked advertising allowing your ad to be linked to content that pertains to your product.

NewsletterWeekly and exclusive category e-newsletters – Reach retailers on a consistent basis in our weekly e-newsletter, or own your product category by being the sole sponsor of an e-newsletter series that contains top quality content about your product category. Custom designed, custom content and a targeted audience will deliver strong, measurable results.

Direct e-blasts - Deliver your message directly to a list of targeted decision makers with a direct e-blast to those who have opted in to receive your product info. It can be your creative, or we can utilize our award-winning design team to customize your content.

Top 100 Cover Research Sponsorships – Each year, we collaborate with our sponsoring partners to produce important special reports based on high-quality research conducted by our team. You can own a high-visibility, high-impact position in the market by sponsoring one of our key annual research projects. Those available:

  • State of the Industry
  • Top 100
TMI TMI™ - TargetMarketIntelligence (TMI ™) is a game-changing market intelligence tool that your company must have to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. TMI is based on three key elements:
  • dynamic software
  • meticulous data management
  • proprietary subscriber information of our customers and prospects

Features and benefits include:

  • Instant online access
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Rapid identification of new business opportunities
  • Access to thousands of new customers and prospects
  • Easy cross-referencing of your customer data with the TMI database
  • Custom market research
  • Export only the data you need

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