Golf Course Industry Marketing Solutions

2022 Offerings:

GCI Special Reports

You can piggyback your brand onto useful, orginal research done by our editorial team and sponsor the resulting feature in GCI.

Fast & Firm Fast & Firm E-newsletter

The industry’s best-read e-newsletter is now weekly! If you are looking for leads, this is the vehicle that will provide you with measurable results.

Fast & Firm Q&A with the Expert (April issue)

This special section features five-question interviews with your company expert facing your full-page ad to create a spread completely devoted to your expertise.

Fast & FirmState of the Industry (January issue)

Start the year strong in one of our most popular issues and receive bonus distribution at the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show. With intensive market research, this issue is referred to throughout the year.

Fast & FirmState of the Market Reports

Own one of these special reports devoted to key vertical segments in the market. Backed by original research, the custom reports elevate your brand from the competition.

Fast & FirmEOP Q&A

Explain your EOP program through the power of print in Golf Course Industry’s October issue. Showcase the value and benefits of your early order program via a five-question advertorial interview with an expert in your company or testimonial from an influential client. Sponsors of this section will receive a full-page of copy and a full-page advertisement.

Fast & FirmFaces of Innovation

NEW! This high-impact advertorial is your opportunity to stand out in your specific market segment and highlight someone within your organization who provides the highest quality service and or products to support your customers. Includes a full-page writeup with photo of this individual and what their objectives are for your company and customers directly across from your full-page advertisement.

Golf Course Industry Spanish

Geared toward educating the Spanish-speaking members of the turf community, this four-page supplement will feature inspiring stories and offer career guidance to an audience that is often overlooked. Appearing in print in Spanish and offered as a podcast in Spanish, this exclusive sponsorship opportunity will further your brand throughout the industry.

Best Use Of

NEW! Available to one sponsor per month. This new feature provides an opportunity to tell a one-page story to golf maintenance professionals describing the most effective ways to use products in specific categories. The story will be placed directly next to a full-page advertisement. See editorial calendar for 2022 categories.

Fast & Firm Superintendent Radio Network

According to Adweek, more than 75% of podcast listeners pay attention to the ads, and 38% have purchased products and services mentioned in those ads. Hone in on the 72% of superintendents who listen to podcasts and tune into the Superintendent Radio Network. Sponsor a topic relevant to your products or tell your story in audiobook form.

Fast & Firm Social Media Partnerships

We collaborate with you on Twitter and Facebook to reach the 66% of superintendents who use social media at least weekly for work purposes.

Fast & Firm Sponsored Content

These special projects are a collaboration among editorial, sales and you to tell a compelling multimedia story that benefits readers and advances the interests of all three parties. Sponsored content projects consist of three parts, beginning with a dynamic article in the print issue. Additional exposure is provided with a dedicated e-newsletter as well as social media coverage.

Fast & Firm Turfheads Take Over Issue (December)

Consisting completely of reader-driven content, the Turfheads Take Over issue has become a reader favorite over the past four years. Topics range from agronomic challenges to personal stories of work-life balance. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Seventh Anniversary edition!

Homepage Wallpaper

Guaranteed high visibility with wallpaper ads that surround our site content.

Top100 Cover TMI™ - TargetMarketIntelligence (TMI ™) is a game-changing market intelligence tool that your company must have to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. TMI is based on three key elements:
  • dynamic software
  • meticulous data management
  • proprietary subscriber information of our customers and prospects

Features and benefits include:

  • Instant online access
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Rapid identification of new business opportunities
  • Access to thousands of new customers and prospects
  • Easy cross-referencing of your customer data with the TMI database
  • Custom market research
  • Export only the data you need
Intelligent Content Marketing – In today’s multi-channel media world, it is harder than ever to reach the right audience to tell your story. Golf Course Industry is paving the way with the introduction of Intelligent Content Marketing. We enable you to create a unique marketing campaign with our audience once they begin to show interest in your area of expertise. Using intuitive marketing automation, we can deliver custom content or a specified ad message to a custom-tailored target audience. Intelligent Content Marketing takes lead nurturing and retargeting to a new level.
  • Target advertising to people based on the type of content they read
  • Target unknown users based on what their anonymous profile looks like (behavior on the internet)
  • Amplify your messaging to the broader internet based on how much they look like your current “magazine” target audience

Leverage the power of our brand and Intelligent Content Marketing for maximum results.

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