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Research Sponsorships:

Category E-NewslettersBenchmarking the Industry

Our long-running annual research report on budgets, spending, key trends, superintendent attitudes and more. Last year, nearly 600 superintendents responded. The report is regularly cited by industry experts and outside media.

The Plant Protection Report

NEW: What are the key trends in chemical usage among superintendents? How do they determine their program, what drives their decisions and who do they buy from? We’ll answer those questions through a nationwide research effort and provide our experts’ insights into this critical part of golf course maintenance.

Lawncare Radio NetworkEquipment Essentials Guide

NEW: GCI studies and documents capital equipment purchasing plans, trends, attitudes about mowing and cultivation practices, financing options, and more.

Successful Renovations with GCBAA

Our editorial team digs deep into the construction and design world to highlight great projects and benchmark trends in renovation and upgrades, including irrigation, bunkers, drainage, regrassing and more. Done in cooperation with the Golf Course Builders Association of America

Fast & Firm Fast & Firm E-newsletter

Every two weeks, we blow up the market with our Fast & Firm e-newsletter that combines engaging original content, news headlines from the week, features from current issues, videos, podcasts and much more. Advertising in Fast & Firm is fast, easy and affordable.

GCI E-Blasts

Got a message you want delivered quickly, accurately and with great measurability? Use GCI’s e-blast program to reach our readers who have opted in to receive your product info. We can adapt any creative material for a blast or create it for you. You get a full report on delivery and open-up so you know how well it worked. Dates are limited to protect the value of each blast, so schedule your program early to ensure your timing.

Fast & FirmPlanned 2016 Category E-Newsletter Programs

Disease Digest: Focus on plant health, disease management, application strategies and new research on pathogens. Ideal for chemical partners.

Turf Nutrition Today: Focus on fertilization, stress management, deeper rooting, new ideas for turf health and more. Ideal for plant nutrition companies.

Iron in Focus: Want to position yourself around cutting-edge original content related to mowing and aerification? This is the perfect platform for equipment companies.

H2O Matters: Dedicated to all things water, including irrigation strategies, conservation, water management and treatment, and drought response. Great fit for irrigation, wetting agent and water management companies.

Renew Your Course: Devoted to renovation, remodeling and master planning. Terrific opportunity for golf course construction companies, suppliers, seed companies, irrigation providers and others who support the growing renovation market.

Superintendent Radio Network

Our award-winning podcast program lets customers learn by listening. You can sponsor an editorial podcast series that ties to your business or work with our team to create promotional podcasts. Delivered on multiple channels via our website, SRN Playlist e- ewsletter, Fast & Firm e-newsletter and iTunes to give you maximum exposure. Visit to listen and find out more.

NEW: Social Media Partnerships

GCI is the undisputed leader in social media in the golf/turf industry. In 2015, we partnered with some of the biggest companies in the industry to engage our nearly 10,000 social media followers on topics like fairway maintenance, disease control, sprayers, pond management and plant growth regulators. We collaborate with your team to develop a sophisticated and very measurable two-week social media blitz to support your messaging or help grow your social media presence. We will do a very limited number of these in 2016 so talk with your account manager today to find out more.


The GCI team has successfully hosted dozens of webinars and webcasts on topics ranging from disease management to career development. We handle all promotion, registration, hosting and follow-up. You receive exclusive sponsor recognition and as much participation as you’d like. Our webinars are available as one-time events or as a sponsored series to run over multiple months. Timing and topics are flexible. We’ll work with you to create the perfect format. All webinars are recorded, archived, and shared via our e-newsletter and social media. Sponsors receive registration data and more. Want to reach across multiple green industry markets with one webinar? GIE Media can do that.

GCI Technology Conference

As the industry’s recognized leader in innovation and technology, GCI is proud to announce that we will host a conference devoted to what’s new and what’s next in the field of golf course maintenance. The GCI Tech Conference will be held next fall and will be designed to attract top superintendents from around the country to learn, network and get up to speed on your newest and best technologies. Look for additional information on sponsorship and participation soon.

Payback ProductsPayback Products Special Section

Every October — just as supers are creating budgets for the upcoming year — we offer a special advertorial section to give you a stage to tell your ROI story. Our editors and designers will help you look great!

GIS TweetUp and Social Media Awards

Our highly successful program to recognize superintendents who use social media with excellence, plus a special event in your booth to present the awards and draw hundreds of leading customers to your location.

Top100 Cover TMI™ - TargetMarketIntelligence (TMI ™) is a game-changing market intelligence tool that your company must have to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. TMI is based on three key elements:
  • dynamic software
  • meticulous data management
  • proprietary subscriber information of our customers and prospects

Features and benefits include:

  • Instant online access
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Rapid identification of new business opportunities
  • Access to thousands of new customers and prospects
  • Easy cross-referencing of your customer data with the TMI database
  • Custom market research
  • Export only the data you need

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