Greenhouse Management Rate Card

2021 Print

Frequency Discounts *

Full Page$3,588$3,371$3,173$2,988$2,806
2/3 Page$2,512$2,368$2,224$2,091$1,971
1/2 Island$2,158$2,018$1,899$1,785$1,683
1/2 Standard$1,881$1,767$1,659$1,556$1,460
1/3 Page$1,346$1,263$1,190$1,118$1,046
1/4 Page$1,057$1,003$932$878$836
1/6 Page$715$673$631$595$564

2nd Cover30% premium
3rd Cover25% premium
4th Cover35% premium
Color Charges*Single PageSpread
Four-Color Process, Extra$900$1,350
Standard Two-Color, Extra$350$550

*Frequency Discounts are earned within 12 consecutive months, and are earned by advertising in any combination of Lawn & Landscape, Golf Course Industry, Nursery Management, Greenhouse Management, Garden Center, Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Dispensary and Hemp Grower.

Mechanical Requirements: Saddle stitched, three columns to a page. Paper stock: Machine coated, 50-lb. body with 100-lb. cover. Colors available: matched, 4-color process (AAAA-MPA). Trim size 77/8" x 101/2".

Digital Files and Specifications For Print: High-resolution press-ready PDFs are the preferred medium for advertiser-supplied, printed ad materials. For details, please contact Cara Kirkland at 216-393-0255

Special Regional and Demographic Advertising Rates: Contact the publisher or your advertising representative regarding regional rates and mechanical requirements.

Ad Sizes (Non-Bleed)

Full Page (non-bleed)7"10"
2/3 Page4 1/2"10"
1/2 Page Island4 1/2"7 1/2"
1/2 Page Horizontal7"4 7/8"
1/2 Page Vertical3 3/8"10"
1/3 Page Square4 1/2"4 7/8"
1/3 Page Vertical2 3/16"10"
1/4 Page Square3 3/8"4 7/8"
1/4 Page Horizontal7"2 3/8"
1/6 Page Vertical2 3/16"4 7/8"
1/6 Page Horizontal4 1/2"2 3/8"
Bleed Ad Sizes
(Available at no extra cost)
Single Page Bleeds8-1/8"10-3/4"

Trim Area

Live Area7"10"
Spread Bleeds16"10-3/4"

Trim Area

15 3/4"10-1/2"
Live Area14"10"

[On bleed advertisements allow 3/8'' from any trim edge for live or type matter. Add 1/8'' to gutter for each page on spread ads. Supply ruled proof showing crop line.]


2021 Interactive

Web AdvertisingPixelsMonthUnits availableView Ad Unit
Leaderboard728x90$1,4733Leaderboard Ad
Medium Rectangle300x250$1,0925Cube Ad
Half Page300x600$1,4371Half-Page Ad
Mobile Banner320x50$1,7251 
Lightbox500x500$4,025ExclusiveLightbox Ad

E-NewslettersPixels1x12x24x52xView Ad Unit
Medium Rectangle (Top)300x250$673$636$598$560Prime Plus E-News
Medium Rectangle (Middle)300x250$636$598$560$524Prime Plus E-News
Sponsored Feature360x180   $1,369Sponsored Feature Ad

Greenhouse Management Media Kit