Cross-Platform Integration

Print & Digital – Each issue will be delivered to 7,000 decision-makers (print and digital). That total will continue to expand with the market. These subscribers depend on Hemp Grower for in-depth business intelligence and practical, how-to advice to guide their decisions and drive business in this expanding industry. Published 6 times in 2020, Hemp Grower offers the highest-value content to readers, and high visibility to your company and products.

Each edition is also delivered digitally and is optimized for all personal devices. Response to your advertising is immediate as recipients are able to instantly reach your website editorial and ad pages.

Web – The Hemp Grower website is the industry’s most reliable source of breaking news and industry information. The site has been designed and optimized for easier navigation, especially for Hemp Grower's fastest-growing user segment - mobile users. A number of advertising positions are available, giving you instant access 24 hours a day to an increasing number of industry members who consistently access

Hemp Grower can also help you broaden your reach with a range of valuable media platforms and networking opportunities - Enhance your print and digital advertising with one of the following options:

  • Custom content
  • Category e-newsletters
  • Video Product Showcase e-newsletters
  • Exhibitor Video Preview e-newsletters
  • Research sponsorships
  • Whitepapers
  • Target Marketing Intelligence™
  • Podcast and webinar series
  • Special events
Intelligent Content Marketing – In today’s multi-channel media world, it is harder than ever to reach the right audience to tell your story. Hemp Grower is paving the way with the introduction of Intelligent Content Marketing. We enable you to create a unique marketing campaign with our audience once they begin to show interest in your area of expertise. Using intuitive marketing automation, we can deliver custom content or a specified ad message to a custom-tailored target audience. Intelligent Content Marketing takes lead nurturing and retargeting to a new level.
  • Target advertising to people based on the type of content they read
  • Target unknown users based on what their anonymous profile looks like (behavior on the internet)
  • Amplify your messaging to the broader internet based on how much they look like your current “magazine” target audience

Leverage the power of our brand and Intelligent Content Marketing for maximum results.

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